There is an aviary at the Queens zoo. It has a pathway inside that spirals up and around to return you back to your starting point by passing over paths you already took, but cannot cross over into. The doors are space locks with two sets of doors so that things cannot easily escape through the entrance/exit. The people must be a curiosity to the birds and animals - they watch large mammals as they walk the same path, never breaking from that routine. The animals can go anywhere they wish, but the people must stay within the confines of the path. The aviary curator has designed the space to allow the 'wild'-life inside to be free, while also forcing it to live within a structure. The construct is a dichotomy...foster a creation while keeping it confined.
My aviaries are constructs for online images that have never lived in the natural habitat of the social media networks they are typically shared in. They are within an enclosed space which limits the breeding and growth to what can be done inside. In social media a single image is created and the design is an artifice of that moment. A meme might take off and be recreated the world web over. With my aviaries a single image is rebuilt on top of itself and then again and again and again to discover the limits of how much change can exist within that constructed space.

Recommended reading:

Shadow of the Crow by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o. A man constructs a life taking folklore and tries to both control it while allowing it to take him on uncertain circuitous pathways.